Bergerault 5.0 Octave Signature Marimba

Bergerault 5.0 Octave Signature Marimba

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Top of the line Bergerault Marimbas designed for the greatest orchestras and virtuosos, made with finest quality Honduras rosewood bars and beautiful exotic hardwood frame.

Inspired by Bergerault, the Signature Series marimba is realized as a unique piece and manufactured
with the finest quality Honduras Rosewood keyboards and exotic hardwood frames.
To offer each marimba player an instrument adapted to his needs, Bergerault developed two
versions: the Signature Series ST (phonic hull resonators) and the Signature Series RT (round
resonator tubes). You can also choose between two frames finishing: nut or natural. Perfectly
balanced and harmonized to eliminate dissonance, the wide bar keyboard will provide you a
great and powerful sonority. Individual tunable resonator tubes allow every percussionist to
play in any conditions with an amazing sustain. The Signature Series is specially designed for
the greatest orchestras and virtuosos.

SRS50H - Honduras rosewood bars AAA quality.

SRS50S - Honduras rosewood bars AA quality

Wooden frame, dismantable , nut color finish,
Profiled aluminum resonators - bronze epoxy coating
4 castors Ø 100 mm, 2 with brakes
Adjustable height with hydropneumatic jacks
Bars width: 74 to 39 mm
Bars thickness: 26 mm
Length: 2590 mm
Width: 1060 to 350 mm
Adjustable height: 860 to 1010 mm
With cover and mallet

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