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Premier Mace

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The ceremonial Drum Majors mace is seen as a symbol of music and military discipline around the world. The position of Drum Major originated in the British Army with Corps of Drums in the 1600’s. Military groups performed mostly duty calls and battle signals during that period, and a fife and drum corps, directed by the Drum Major, would use short pieces to communicate to field units. With the arrival of military concert bands and pipe bands around the 18th century, the position of the Drum Major was adapted to those ensembles.

Traditionally, a military Drum Major would be responsible for defending the drummers and bandsmen whilst maintaining the discipline, dress standards and choreographed marching movements for all Corps of Drums members.

The Drum Majors position is earned and he or she is held in very high regard. Sometimes upon retirement the drum major would be presented with his mace as a keepsake and commemoration of their service.

Beautifully crafted and hand finished, Premier Maces feature an impressive large head with raised facets in brilliant chrome surmounted by a crown. These attractive, finely balanced maces are available in two lengths, with either cords or chains as standard. To be the correct length a mace should fit under his or her chin by one or two inches.

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