Woodwind Repair

Woodwind Repair Guide

Bring your instrument to our shop for our repair technicians to check and provide a price quotation for the repair work.

Repair Job Description
1. Specific Repair Work
  • Isolated repair work done to fix a specific problem for a part of the instrument, with no work on other parts of the instrument

2. Basic Regulation and Adjusments

  • Restore instrument to playing condition
  • Adjustment of pads
  • Alignment and balancing of keys
  • Oiling of keys
3. General Servicing
  • Full strip, check and reassembly of instrument
  • Cleaning of entire instrument (body, tone holes) (exclude polishing)
  • Applying bore oil on wood body
  • Includes all work in basic regulation and adjustments
  • Change pads as necessary (charged separately)
  • Supply missing/ damaged spare parts (charged separately)
4. Full Repad
  • Include all work done in general servicing, with changing of all pads
5. Overhaul
  • Includes all work in general servicing and changing full set of pads
  • Change all joint cork, key cork, felt
  • Option of polishing (charged seperately)