Takt Batons (Wooden Shaft)

Takt Batons (Wooden Shaft)

Takt Batons
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We have a variety batons designs in stock, please contact us for availability or come to our shop to choose your baton!

Handle shape: Small Tear Drop (13" baton length) or Pear (15" baton length)

Handle wood: Ebony or Tintul


Wooden shafts used in TAKT batons are 100% natural and are made from dried wood with minimal moisture content. The wood is specifically chosen to avoid knots and other defects and the wooden rod is milled parallel to the grain of the wood to keep it strong. Our wooden shafts go through a rigorous process of natural air-drying coupled with kiln-drying to minimize moisture content and prevent warping.  


The word "TAKT" is a German word that denotes to give beat or time; to be in sync with the beat or tune2. TAKT Symphony Conducting Batons through their symmetry, use of exotic woods / materials, beautiful inlays, balance and lightweight strives to provide the best in class baton and accessories to the modern day conductor.

Every Takt Baton is precisely hand balanced at or near the joint of the shaft and handle to give the feeling of apparent weightlessness. The light weight (7 to 17 grams) of the batons combined with careful balancing ensures a fast response. Inlays of Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Brass, Ebony and Boxwood delight the eye and add elegance.

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